Kwon Ji Yong: An Album Review

As an extreme G-Dragon enthusiast, I was elated to hear he’d released a new album. So excited in fact that I decided to write a review and let you in on my unbiased, honest opinion of each individual song on the 5 track album.

Middle Fingers

As soon as I heard “Middle Fingers” I thought yes, igeo ya! This is it. The ice cream truck beat drew me in from the beginning. If you’re looking for something to just get lit and have a fun time to, this is definitely the song for you. It has such a relaxed summer vibe, the “this is our youth and we don’t care what you say cause we came to shake things up” vibe to it that I love so much. It is probably my favorite song out of the entire album.


This song didn’t catch my interest as much but I will admit it had a nice Missy Elliot feel to it. Still, I couldn’t get into this one as much, as it wasn’t my style and somehow felt completely random. Like it was just thrown together. I’m sure if you dig deeper though one could say the song is art as it manages to encompass a variety of music styles all into one song, and even features a completely dynamic G-Dragon speaking Spanish to some extent. And hey, if you’re here for it this may just be the song for you.


This song reminds me of “Middle Fingers”, with a similar feel but on a much more laid back scale. What I can say is that this song is definitely relatable, as I too need somebody. We all do. In fact, this song is the upbeat anthem of our youth who is looking to each other to simply be there for one another, yet seems to fail to do so.


I think this is the most hyped up song on the album. I’m not big on ballad songs unless I find them that particularly good, and this was not an exception. I’m sure G-Dragon’s intent was great and the meaning behind the lyrics are even deeper, but as I could not understand them, I naturally listened to the melody and the vocals. They were standard in my opinion. They just did the job. It was not a bad song but I was not blown away either. Something this song did manage to do though, was somehow make me feel super nostalgic.

Divina Commedia

G-Dragon’s unique voice that we all love so much completely drew me in from the beginning in this particular song. The song had a nice beat and vibe to it, and I could definitely hear the Western influence in it. It sounded like a song I could easily hear on today’s top hits radio, by top artists such as the likes of Drake and The Weeknd. Being my second favorite song on the album, G-Dragon definitely ended this album in style.

What’s your favorite song of the Kwon Ji Yong album? What did you like or dislike? Did “Untitled” live up to its hype for you? I’m curious to know. Share your views in the comment section below!

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