K-Pop Songs That Had me Shook All Summer 2017

Summer is coming to a quick end, highlighted by the sounds of the screaming, kicking children in school courtyards all across the nation as they’re dragged by their hair into the dark abyss that is early morning wake ups and endless assignments until next year. On a brighter note, this summer marks my first official summer of really immersing myself into the K-pop culture and fandom. From all of the popular rising stars from K.A.R.D to Twice and OGs in the game such as Exo and G-Dragon, here is a compilation of all the songs that I couldn’t get out of my head this summer.

1. Pallette – IU

When I first heard this song I was excited to see that it featured my ultimate bias – a rapping G-Dragon. The song did not immediately strike me when I first heard it, but I did not dislike it either. It was one of those songs that I knew I’d probably have to come back and give a couple of listens to in order to fully appreciate it. After a few listens I came to really appreciate the super chill vibe of the song, accompanied by IU’s soft fluid voice and G-Dragon’s surprisingly not nasally rapping (I don’t have anything against his nasally voice, I actually love and am an enthusiast of it because in my opinion it’s one of his biggest charms). When his rap part came on I was convinced that if I wasn’t aware that it was G-Dragon rapping I probably would never think it was him. To say the least, I was more than impressed.

2. Really Really – Winner

From what I know about this group, like most any other group Winner had to struggle a lot before their success story could take place. When I first saw the music video for this upbeat Justin Bieber-esque song, I thought they’re. so. coolDecked out in suits, these beautiful men with even more beautiful voices stole my heart with this bop.

3. Signal – Twice

I don’t think I’ve ever been hooked on any k-pop song, or any Twice song this much in general. I didn’t think that anything could steal my heart after “TT“, but oooppss, Twice did it again! My friend asked me if I’d heard Twice’s new song, and after finding out that I had not, she showed me the music video. I was taken aback by how good and catchy the song was. I did not know what it was about, or what they were trying to signal (aliens I’m assuming based off the music video) but that did not matter. With Twice’s cheerful upbeat aura and dance moves, and Momo’s smiling enthusiastic self, this was one of my go to songs all summer long. (Disclaimer: The choreography in the music video looks way more simple than it is. If trying it at home you may be completely overwhelmed at how difficult something that looks so easy could be.)

4. Cherry Bomb – NCT 127

After being exposed to this groups first few songs, I had nothing but love for them. I knew right off the bat I loved their laid back hip hop style. So imagine my face when I saw these cuties freaking DESTROY the dance floor during the chorus of this song. Now aside from the absolutely wicked dance choreography in the video, this song was sooooooo good to me. I wondered how people could make such complex dance moves look so effortless and still manage to be so good looking at the same time. I am not familiar with the names of the members of this group, but what I do know is the guy with the pink hair can have my heart any day.

5. Divina Comida – G-Dragon

I did a review of this song on my review of the Kwon Ji Yong album. As stated before, this song gave me tons of western vibes. I think more than anything the highlight of this song for me was the fact that G-Dragon’s super unique voice was highlighted and amplified, bringing a certain flavor to it that you can’t find in just any other artist. In conclusion, this was a very pleasing record from my ultimate bias, and was one of my go to songs all summer long.

6. Love Love Love – Epik High

Why does this song make me feel like I’m listening to an anime opening from an old school romance anime? I LOVE songs that make me feel like that, as romance is my favorite genre, especially when it comes to anime, and I just get SO MANYYYY FEELSSSSS whenever this plays. The first time I heard this song I watched the stage performance on YouTube featuring a super cute, super talented Dara from 2NE1 strutting the stage and showing off her flowery soft voice that we all know and love so much which complemented the song. Combined with Epik High’s amazing and totally chill rap skills, this song never failed to put me in a good mood upon hearing it. Now, try listening to this song as you daydream about your crush. Tell me it doesn’t feel a gajillion times more dreamy. I’ll wait.

7. As if it’s your Last – Blackpink

Upon hearing this song I wasn’t too enamored, but after a couple of listens it grew on me and I began to appreciate the upbeat feeling and now that I think of it this song has a very 2NE1 feel to it? Which isn’t completely surprising, as when Blackpink first came out the comparisons of the resemblance of their vibe to 2NE1 was endless. The chorus is completely upbeat and catchy as well as the rest of the song, and is definitely a great hit by this group.

8. I’m Good – Henry

When I first heard this song I don’t think I completely appreciated the full extent of how great it was. After another listen I started to bop my head to the beat and realized that this song is an absolute banger. It felt like the post breakup anthem that I needed and also had that amazing summer vibe to it that I oh so love. Not much to say about this song other than the fact that I was pleasantly surprised by Henry, as I had never heard any other solo song by him.

9. Red Flavor – Red Velvet

Does this group ever actually come out with a bad song? From “Dumb Dumb Dumb” to “Ice Cream Cake” it’s hard for me to pick my favorite song, and “Red Flavor” did not make that decision any easier. Along with NCT 127’S “Cherry Bomb“, I must have watched the stage performance for this song a million times as it was so appealing to me. Not only does Red Velvet have amazing vocals, but their dancing and stage presence is even better. I love how dynamic this particular song sounds, and I can’t wait to hear another hit from this group as they never fail to impress me.

10. Ko Ko Bop – Exo

I think this may be the holy grail of songs this summer. Was this song by Exo or by Xiumin and Kai because they are the only ones I seem to see in the music video. For starters, the whole group looks so damn GOOD in this video that I’m starting to wonder if it’s legally okay to throw so many hotties into the same room at once. You should only expect to induce panic attacks from thousands of fan girls as they try to decide in a frenzy exactly who to stare at at what moment as they rewind, pause and play the music video a million times, almost wrecking their mouse pads in the process. Other than the obvious stuning visuals, the voices of these boys had me SHOOK. They always had me shook, but this, this was different. This was revolutionary. Oh Exo, the things you do to my heart. I’m not sure exactly what a Ko Ko Bop is, or what this song is about, but what I do know is that it has a nice tropical laid back beat and vibe that no one else could really beat this summer. Nice going SM Entertainment.

This was a compilation of songs that got me through one hell of a summer, and I can’t wait to see what I discover through the rest of the seasons to come. What were some of your favorite summer jams? Did any of mine make your list? Let me know in the comments section down below!

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