8 of My Favorite Descendants of the Sun Moments

This post is four months over due as it would be with constant procrastination coupled with a “busy” schedule. But hey, the intent is still there, so who cares, right? In light of the news of Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo’s marriage, here’s a Descendants of the Sun post to reminisce about the drama that was all the rage in 2015.

As I’m sure many fans could relate, I never knew I could want to date a soldier so bad until I took the time to watch this drama that I had been putting off for months. I finally sat down after the hype had worn off and my good friends pestering me to watch it came to a halt. I’ve had nothing but positive things to say about this drama since then.

I can go on forever about all the moments that made me enjoy it so much, and so I decided to make a list of some of my favorite moments.


Disclaimer: Obvious spoilers lie ahead. Tread at your own risk.

1.) The Yoo Si Jin look.

We all know the look. Every time Yoo Si Jin gave that look the hearts of many a fan girl fluttered at every corner of the planet. Yoo Si Jin wasn’t the most muscly guy, or the best dressed, or the most drop dead gorgeous being I’d ever set my sights on (not to say that he wasn’t incredibly attractive and unbearably hot, cause he definitely was), but every time he gave that look time stopped and I forgot where I was and all that hooblah. But the point is that look must have been about 80% of the reason that actress Song Hye Kyo fell for him on and off screen.

2.) The car kiss.

I don’t care what anyone says, the second leads were my favorite. They had the coolest moments. I wasn’t sure if this car was a product placement or not, but what I am sure of is that these two found quite the creative way to kiss during any time of the day or season of the year. Can we talk about unrealistic couple goals???

3.) When Yoo Si Jin returned.


Yes, I was a little underwhelmed when Yoo Si Jin “came back” to life, as the moment had already been low key spoiled for me by the worst kind of person, but that did not stop this moment from being legendary. For someone who had been tortured and battered for weeks on end, he looked good.

4.) The Red Velvet fan Boys.

Kang Mo Yeon was definitely the jealous type, and I mean, what girl isn’t? That didn’t stop this scene from being completely hilarious. A bunch of grown men being out of their element and completely engrossed in one of my favorite K-pop groups Red Velvet. What’s not to love?

5.) When Kang’s voice recorded confession got played.


There are many sugary sweet moments in this drama that one can’t simply skimp over, and this one has to take the cake for me. Kang Mo Yeon, usually reserved and not liking to display too many emotion’s lest it make her feel embarrassed, feeling exactly that as she tries to escape Yoo Si Jin. We’ve all been there, but it can’t get any better than a handsome soldier playing cat and mouse with you as you try to escape before you die of how vulnerable you feel.

6.) When the second leads kissed in front of a cafeteria full of soldiers.



I think anytime these two appeared on screen was a moment to be mentioned to be honest. Their chemistry was undeniable and the history behind their love story made me cling to them. I wanted to know everything about them, and their bold flirty moves such as the one displayed in this scene always left me wanting more.

Here’s a YouTube clip to refresh your memory:

7.) Every time the second lead was shirtless.


Am I the only one that was completely enamored by this guy? But no, in all seriousness, I wouldn’t mind if there was a Descendant’s of the Sun spin off in which this guy’s story was the focus. Like, I wouldn’t mind if his ab’s were the focus of the camera either if you catch my drift.

8.) When the guys got packages from women & tried to play it off.


You know what’s cooler than girl power? Yeah, me neither. This scene was hilarious and highlighted that though these two couples had some heavy back stories, they still managed to have extremely playful, lighthearted moments.

Those were some of my favorite Descendant’s of the Sun moments. What were some of yours? Were you as into the second lead couple as I was? Did Yoo Si Jin’s heartthrob looks and cool actions make you fan girl along with me, or did someone else catch your eye? Let me know in the comments section below!

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! Also, remember to subscribe for more Asian Shows, Movies, Music, & More!

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