6 Things to Expect from any Historical Drama

Between emperors abdicating the throne on their deathbeds, servants assisting in schemes, and commoners being unjustly sentenced to death, there are some things that seem to always be in the mix of the batter that makes a historical drama. Naturally every historical drama is not going to have the same plot. But like any other genre, after countless hours of watching various historical drama’s you’re going to start to notice a pattern. Here are 6 things you can expect from any historical drama:

1. Someone will always die in the beginning.

It’s inevitable. It’s a way to jump start the plot. As a consequence of this, expect someone (usually royalty) trying to avenge their family or restore their father’s name.



2. There will always be a fight to the death for the throne.

Historically this isn’t too far off, as the sons of the king of an empire were notorious for annihilating each other to get a taste of a spot at the top.



3. Expect love triangles, quadruples, circles, and lots of them.

Consider this an extension of the math class you hated in grade school. Keeping up with the what, where, and who of who’s intermingled can get a little tiring, but I guess you can say it makes for a good story.



4. A long journey for the main protagonist.

This usually is in an attempt to find out who they are and where they came from.

maxresdefault (1)


5. A love story that will leave you in shambles.

Don’t hope for a happy ending, because well, historically that’s not usually the case either. If one of the main leads doesn’t die at the end from an unexpected poisoning or sudden illness, then are the writers even doing it right?



6. A female disguising themselves as a male.

How else is a girl to over throw and unravel the true workings of an unfit, biased, pompous, people degrading government in a completely sexist world?



Are there anymore common trends you’ve noticed in historical dramas? I wanna know some of your favorites. Let me know in the comments section below! Also subscribe for more Asian Shows, Music, & More!

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