Hey guys! I started this blog out of my pure love for the Korean culture, but plan to post content in relation to other Asian countries I am interested in such as China and Japan. I wanted to create a space in which I could connect with others with similar interest, and I hope to interact with many of you over the course of this blog.

Here’s a little about me to get us more acquainted:

113372-glowing-purple-neon-icon-culture-heart-solid-sc44 I am a 20 year old girl in college.

113372-glowing-purple-neon-icon-culture-heart-solid-sc44 I’m an English major.

113372-glowing-purple-neon-icon-culture-heart-solid-sc44 I reside in New Jersey.

113372-glowing-purple-neon-icon-culture-heart-solid-sc44 My dream is to live in New York City, London, or California.

113372-glowing-purple-neon-icon-culture-heart-solid-sc44 I’m the oldest of my siblings.

113372-glowing-purple-neon-icon-culture-heart-solid-sc44 My favorite color is probably black as well as pastel and hot pink.

113372-glowing-purple-neon-icon-culture-heart-solid-sc44 My ultimate biases are Jung Yonghwa and G-Dragon.

113372-glowing-purple-neon-icon-culture-heart-solid-sc44 I love anything in which I can be creative so I hope to start drawing again as well as start a YouTube channel.

113372-glowing-purple-neon-icon-culture-heart-solid-sc44 My favorite Korean food so far is samgyeopsal. (As an avid meat lover, this was only expected.)

113372-glowing-purple-neon-icon-culture-heart-solid-sc44 I started being super interested in Korean Culture during the winter of 2015.

113372-glowing-purple-neon-icon-culture-heart-solid-sc44 When I’m not listening to drama OSTs or my favorite K-Pop artists such as Big Bang, Twice, 2NE1, K.A.R.D or Jay Park to name a few, I’m most likely jamming out to Haim, Miley Cyrus, or any indie or angsty song you can think of that I associate with something I like to call “Tumblr” aesthetic lol. But no, I literally have a whole playlist on YouTube dedicated to it.

113372-glowing-purple-neon-icon-culture-heart-solid-sc44 Other than ogling my oppas, fashion is my passion (I ADORE Korean fashion) along with writing.

113372-glowing-purple-neon-icon-culture-heart-solid-sc44 I’m currently trying to learn Korean and have been struggling to finish writing a book that I hope to soon post online.

I love whoever read until the end and I just want to say in advanced that I appreciate every single person who comments on/reads my blog entries.

Much love, and remember, keep fighting!

Yours truly,