If You Loved Age of Youth Watch This Korean Movie

When the male voice singing “Time After Time” infiltrated the screen I knew I was in for a good movie. The song set the tone for what preceded. The film Sunny had the perfect balance of hilarity, sentiment, drama, and heart warm. The feel was very much like Age of Youth in terms of discussing edgier topics, along with the undying loyalty and love each girl showed each other.

It gave a Reply Series feel as well, as it dipped back and forth between the present and future, covering the lives of a group of tightknit girlfriends. Going through the comments section on DramaFever I saw its high praises and figured it was just what I needed.

If you just finished Age of Youth or the Reply Series and are looking for something with the same realistic coming of age value, give Sunny a try.

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Age of Youth Girls—Why I Grew Attached

Age of Youth, or Hello my Twenties. Whatever you refer to it as, each girl added her own flavor to the big bubbling melting pot of a drama that I adore with every fiber.

It’s rare for me to take such a liking to characters on a TV show, but the Age of Youth girls managed to rein me in, making me fall into a never-ending hole that is my love for them.

I’ll start with someone who took the biggest piece of my heart, Yi Na unnie.

Disclaimer: Spoilers lie ahead. Tread at your own risk.

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