Favorite K-Pop Songs Released in Fall 2017

Fall marked the beginning of another hectic school year. This made the possibility of being stress-free that much harder. Well, if you consider stress having a million and one assignments to do and opting to do nothing at all as you lay in bed and imagine a better existence that doesn’t involve waking up to be lectured about the workings of 20th-century literature. Phew! Between that, I managed to listen to a good K-Pop song or two.

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K-Pop Songs That Had me Shook All Summer 2017

Summer is coming to a quick end, highlighted by the sounds of the screaming, kicking children in school courtyards all across the nation as they’re dragged by their hair into the dark abyss that is early morning wake ups and endless assignments until next year. On a brighter note, this summer marks my first official summer of really immersing myself into the K-pop culture and fandom. From all of the popular rising stars from K.A.R.D to Twice and OGs in the game such as Exo and G-Dragon, here is a compilation of all the songs that I couldn’t get out of my head this summer.

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